Scientific Journal «Information systems and networks»

We invite you to publish your article in the scientific Journal "Information systems and networks"!

Each year, the scientific journal Proceedings Information systems and networks of Lviv Polytechnic National University is published by the Department, which is included by HAC Ukraine to the list of professional publications to publish the main results of dissertation research.

Proceedings of Lviv Polytechnic National University of series "Information Systems and Networks" has a thematic focus on the field of science by order of "Approving the list of scientific specialties" № 1057 from 14.09.2011 (recorded September 30, 2011 with № 1133/19871):

  • Technical sciences

Journal is indexed in Google Scholar and Index Copernicus.

Requirements for the article:

  • article in Ukrainian or English;
  • number of pages from 7 to 20;
  • English extended abstract in a separate file with the name of a title, authors, workplace and reference transliteration + translation in Ukrainian for linguists to check (the amount of mandatory extended English summary must be at least 3,000 characters without spaces or at least 4,000 characters with spaces) ;
  • availability of request letter on a letterhead, if at least one co-author is not from Lviv National Polytechnic University;
  • availability of internal review;
  • availability of external review.


Contact Veretennikova Nataliya to address the issues of providing and receiving a journal:

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  • department phone:  (0322) 258-25-38