124 "System analysis" the first (bachelor's) level of higher education

The educational program "System Analysis (Business Analysis $ Data Science)" was developed by the Information Systems and Network Department together with the Lviv IT cluster. It aims at the training of specialists in business analysis of information processes (Business Analysis) and data analysis (Data Science). Our specialists design, create and use computer systems for analysis, forecasting, management and design of dynamic processes in macroeconomic, technical, technological, environmental and financial objects, analyze business processes in terms of their further automation, develop technical tasks and specifications , test software, generate analytical reports.

Our specialists after graduating with a bachelor's degree in 124 "Systems Analysis" will be able to:

• to formulate new hypotheses and scientific problems in the field of systems analysis and decision-making, to choose appropriate directions and appropriate methods for their solution.

• effectively conduct system analysis, select a conceptual model of the information system environment based on mathematical models and decision-making methods, parameterization of components of the intelligent decision support system.

• study and critically evaluate new methodologies for conducting systematic analysis and application of data and knowledge consolidation, based on professional scientific literature sources in these areas.

• effectively conduct systems analysis, research, extraction and analysis of data from a variety of information resources based on mathematical models and data science methods for decision support processes.

• be a leader in the development and implementation of a project to develop tools and technologies for data analytics.

Profession and activity field of graduates:

Banks, stock, currency and commodity exchanges, Ministry analytical departments, tax inspections, departments of currency, commodity and stock markets, Ukraine Ministry of Finance and  Ministry of Economy, analytical departments of special services, pension funds, database design centers, automated systems development.

You can read more about the educational program in the page of the Lviv IT cluster: http://ba-ds.lviv.ua/

Guarantor of the program - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Information Systems and Networks Department, Veres Oleg Mikhailovich