International relations

Department staff organizes international scientific and technical conferences «COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES» (CSIT) and "Information, communication and society" (ICS).

The Department of Information systems and networks collaborates with foreign educational institutions, including:

  • Swedish-Finnish folk school Svefi, Haparanda city (Haparanda, Sweden);
  • New York University (USA);
  • University of Toronto (Canada);
  • Mining Academy (Freiberg, Germany);
  • Bundeswehr University (Munich. Germany);
  • Polish-Japanese University of Artificial Intelligence (Warsaw, Poland);
  • Spanish Technical University (Spain);
  • Bologna University (Bologna, Spain);
  • University of Applied Sciences (Horlits, Germany);
  • Polytechnic Institute of Liyeriya (Portugal).

The Department of Information systems and networks cooperates with Western Ukrainian Management Consulting using program Tasis, with companies Silvan Prometrics (USA), "Cisco" (USA) and ORACLE AG (Switzerland). It supports scientific contacts with scientists from Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and the Baltic countries.